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How to Grow Tomato Plants in a Pot

Posted on Sep 25, 2013 by in Vegetables | 0 comments

How to Grow Tomato Plants in a Pot

Grow Tomatoes the Easy Way
Anyone can have fresh tomatoes the year round with a bit of planning. Tomatoes are hardy plants that require a minimal amount of growing space. This makes them ideal for growing tomato plants in pots. Here are the items you’ll need to start a tomato plant potted garden:
. 9″ x 8″ x 8″ planter pot
. Potting soil
. A sunny location
. Sufficient water
. Small window garden tools like a rake, spade and hoe

How to Choose a Planting Pot for Tomato Plants

Tomato plants have roots that like to spread out. A 9″ x 8″ x 8″ pot will give a tomato plant plenty of growing room. Look for planting pots that are made from natural materials. Be careful not to use pots with painted interior surfaces or coatings that can leach toxins into growing plants and soil via watering. Planting pots look great when used in a unique design. Add two or more pots together in a circle or other pattern. Planting pots should have a curled rim for easier grip and also a wide saucer to catch moisture.

Good Soil – An Important Start to Potted Tomato Plants
Tomato plants thrive best in top quality potting soil. Read the labels on potting soil packages to insure the quality. There are two ways to start tomato pot plants:
. Purchase several three inch tall tomato plants grown in a hot house
. Grow tomatoes from seeds sold in packets

Growing tomatoes from hot house plants will speed up tomato harvests. When transplanting these tomato plants to a larger pot, avoid shock by retaining the soil and roots in the original pot. Simply remove any plastic packaging and plant in at least four inches of soil. When growing tomatoes from seed, consider starting these in small “starter pots” and then transplant to the larger pot after seeds sprout with sturdy stems and leaves.

A Sunny Location
Tomato plants are sun lovers. They are sturdy enough to withstand direct sunlight for up to eight hours. Then, they need a respite from the strong rays of the sun. Locate your potted tomato plants in a sunny location for full morning and waning afternoon sun.

Watering Tomato Plants
Tomato plants can be finicky when it comes to water. Too much and stems begin to mold. Too little and wilting and drying takes place. For potted tomato plants, the ideal solution is to use a mister rather than aiming a watering can directly onto leaves. The way to know if potted tomato plants have enough moisture is to test the soil with fingertips. If the soil feels moist, allow the tomato plant to regain moisture balance before watering again.

The Potted Gardener’s Tools
It’s important to aerate the soil around potted tomato plants. Invest in a set of small window garden tools. Use the small spade to plant seeds or partially grown tomato plants. Use the hoe and rake once a month to aerate compacted soil around the base of the plant.

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